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Anonymous asked:
Have you tried the taco truck at W. Perkins and 1st St (Fast-trip parking lot) in McFarland? If not, it's worth the drive.

Nice! I will totally hit them up. There are a lot of great spots in that area I would like to start reviewing. Thanks for the scoop. 

Anonymous asked:
If your looking for a good burrito you should try Garden Market in Santa Paula. Wouldn't recommend going on a weekday though it's right next to the only highschool in town and it's usually filled with kids ditching for lunch or grabbing food before a practice after school

Finally had a chance to hit the Garden Market and even spoke with the son of the owners. Garden Market has been in their family since pre WWII, and the community banded together to hold on to their property during the Japanese internment camps. So when they were released they still had their business. 

Burrito was good, and I plan to write a full review soon. Thank you for the fantastic suggestion!

Anonymous asked:
I've heard great things about the lengua burrito at the Moo Creamery. You should give it a try. ^__^

This I have to try. I’m always sketch on lengua, and I wouldn’t expect Moo to be the ones to deliver. 

Thank you for the suggestion!

Anonymous asked:
Thanks for spreading the word about the best Mexican food in town, Tacos Las Salsa. I'll never be able to get a table now. Their Adovada burrito is my favorite in town. Super Taco is also a favorite.

I admit, I was a little worried about blowing the cover of a great place, but they really deserve all of the love they can get. Good people and great food. Not to mention the amazing decor. 

Thanks for the ask!

I planning on doing a burrito review for Super Taco in the near future. Chili Relleno here I come. 

Anonymous asked:
Sabor! Oaxacan restaurant on Brundage and Oleander! -Kelly Revenaugh

I wasn’t sure if I was going to try them after the name change, but this gives me the confidence. Had a bad experience when they were under different management/ownership? 

Thanks for the suggestion! I will be hitting it soon. 

Unwrapping his love of burritos

Burrito Life made the newspaper! Stefani Dias does a write up of the work done so far towards the discovery of burritos, and it even had a front page mention. 

You can read the full story by clicking the above link.


The whole time waiting in line at Chipotle.

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El Dollar Taqueria - Wasco, CA

At least once a week I drive down 7th Standard/Merle Haggard Highway on my way into town from visiting the oilfields, and I pass the same taco truck seemingly stranded on the side of the road. More often than not, by the time I pass by I am full of empanadas from El Sol De Guadalajara bakery, but it was time to find out how they were single-handedly holding down this stretch of highway.

I pull up among a group of white work trucks, so it seems one lady alone is providing a service to the field and factory workers operating close by. Birria, Lengua, Cabeza, Carnitas, and chicken were all available to be done up into tacos, burritos, or tortas, but I chose to play it safe and conservative with an Asada burrito.

Looking down into my bite mark I can see a veritable Mexican cornucopia spilling out. Deep red chiles and dark green cilantro accent blackened steak while a solid supporting cast of rice, beans, and onions fill out the lightly toasted tortilla. My only complaint lies in the cut and quality of steak I received. More than a couple bites were met with chewy gristle which can take even the most devout right out of the joy in great tasting food. 

Either way, I am undeterred. The promise written in the tastes contained within this burrito ensure I shall return to sample the other offerings. Especially after seeing the ever-elusive birria on menu. 

Be sure to ask for a side of hot sauce. The red adds a good heat with even more flavor. 

El Sitio - Ventura, CA

Nuzzled in snugly to Django’s Coffee House in Ventura, CA is a small, unassuming delight. My guide on this adventure raves about the al pastor, so we decide to split a burrito and load up on salsas. 

Being our third burrito of the day, one may question the voracity of our appetites, but rest-assured the allure of marinated pork swaddled in a thick chewy tortilla can coax a growl out of the fullest of stomachs. 


Succulent and tender bits of pork were buried deep in a fiery spectrum of rice, beans, and spices. A welcome counterpoint to the airy cuts of shark and substantial chunks of steak. Lesser spots may try to skirt by on the same pork used for the carnitas only to dress up the differences between al pastor and chile verde as the sauce one uses, but this pork had the char of slow braising after being massaged with spices to differentiate from such imposters.

The salsas were fresh and effective, but I fancied the orange habanero most for its complexity and heat.

By far the most out of the way spot located in a quiet neighborhood in the more suburban part of Ventura, but well worth a stop to round out the day. 

Three more remain as we prepare for the return of Chris the Sound Guy and his episode showcasing the burrito adventure in its full splendor.